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Who We Are

Harmon & Seidman LLC is a national law firm representing photographers, artists and writers. We specialize in copyright infringement claims. Our clients are copyright creators and owners, individuals and agencies. We do not defend copyright infringers.

We believe intellectual property - created by your inspiration and hard work – is as valuable as physical property. When your creative work is used without your permission, you should have the option of aggressively pursuing your legal remedies. Settlement at an early stage is always explored and preferred, but if that fails, we do not shy away from filing cases in Federal District Courts throughout the country on behalf of our clients.

We offer contingent fee representation. Our clients pay attorney’s fees only from amounts recovered from the infringers. No recovery, no fee.

Copyright law is complex, unsettled and evolving. By narrowing the scope of our practice to copyright infringement, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of legal skill and professionalism in this challenging area of the law. We strive to provide friendly, responsive, individualized legal representation to each client.

“I began monitoring my photography licenses for copyright infringement in August 2005 at the urging of my friend, former professional photographer and now full-time copyright litigator, Maurice Harmon of Harmon & Seidman LLC, the law firm he established with his partner, Christopher Seidman. These people have done amazing work for me where other lawyers have been ineffective. They are passionate about protecting the rights of artists and writers. They know photography; they know copyright law; and they know how to litigate in federal court.  

Harmon, Seidman and their associates represent clients across the country and overseas. They limit their practice exclusively to copyright infringement, always representing the copyright holders and never the infringers. They earn their fee by charging a percentage of what they obtain for you; no money for you, no fee for them. I highly recommend them.

World-renowned photographer, Jay Maisel